The Eliminate Project is Kiwanis International’s global campaign to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth. The campaign will raise US $110 million for the project. We are partnering with UNICEF in a global effort to eliminate MNT, a deadly but highly preventable disease that kills mothers and newborns in the world’s poorest regions.

Quick Facts

·         1 baby dies every 9 minutes from tetanus

·         160 babies die each day from tetanus

·         A series of 3 doses of the tetanus vaccine = immunity from tetanus

·         When a woman receives the vaccine the baby is also protected

·         US $1.80 protects 1 woman and her future babies

·         The Eliminate Project saves or protects 61 million women and babies

The time to help is NOW!

A single pledge or multi-year gift by an individual or club is all it takes to save lives!  For an even greater impact, an individual or club can commit to the following campaign options:

Walter Zeller Fellowship

When you give US $1,250 to the Eliminate Project, you can become a Walter Zeller Fellow – and save or protect more than 690 women and their future babies.

Model Club

As a Model Club, your club pledges to raise an annual per-member average of US $150 or more each year for five years – through any combination of fundraising methods. That comes to an average of US $13 per month, per member, over those five years. Your club’s five-year commitment begins the day you submit your commitment form.

Join us as we work together to achieve our goal of colleting our pledges and finishing raising US $110 million and eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. You can make a difference in saving the lives of mothers and babies!