Glen Kleine, KY-TN District PR Coordinator


Marketing and public relations are essential for a successful Kiwanis Club. Through marketing we “sell” Kiwanis; this helps recruit new members, and as clubs grow we can provide greater service to children and our community. Through positive public relations a club informs the public of Kiwanis’ excellent work while boosting the morale of club members. With so many choices for community involvement it is important to consistently communicate the unique Kiwanis story.  Marketing and public relations affects both a club’s external and internal relationships.

Our primary goal is to motivate every club to designate a public relations chair who will assume this responsibility. Most clubs have a member interested in writing or photography. If not, make such a person your next prospective member! 


Check out the Public Relations Kiwanis International website for clubs at:

You will find the following resources on that web page:

Media relations resources
The Kiwanis Brand Book
Kids need Kiwanis brand campaign
Kiwanis education for committee chair
Kiwanis and Kiwanis-family logos
Communications tools´╗┐
Kiwanis videos
Club website tools

Or if you wish public relations information from Kiwanis International please contact:

Vicki Hermansen

Public Relations Manager, Kiwanis International