Brochure must be mailed by July 15, 2018 to be eligible

Each Kiwanis Club in the Kentucky-Tennessee District is encouraged to produce a club brochure. A high-quality club brochure is an invaluable member recruitment and public relations tool and every club is highly encouraged to have one.

The K-T District will sponsor a club brochure contest for the 2017-2018 Kiwanis year.  First and Second Place Winners will get awards.  Brochures will be prejudged for criteria qualification by the committee and the top four brochures will then be on display at convention and winner will be determined by popular vote of registered attendees to the convention.

The following criteria must be included to qualify for judging:

*Include club name, the time and place of the meetings, and a brief club history.

*List your projects and describe how your community benefits from Kiwanis.  Stress that your club is international in scope.

*Describe how Kiwanis benefits members.

*Provide the name of a contact person with appropriate contact information.

*Use the approved Kiwanis logos for club, district, and international.  See Kiwanis branding for more information

*Clarity - provide who, what, where and when.

*Make sure your brochure is easy to read and appealing enough to catch attention.


 For contest purposes, mail a copy of your club brochure by July 15, 2018 (no later to be eligible to win.)

Mail to the following judges

Leigh Chagnon  


KY-TN District Office   Mark envelope "Brochure Contest"

Address for above found in KT District Directory or email 

                                        Late entries will not be judged