October 1, 2017 through August, 2018

(Memory Book Judged at District Convention in August)
(Both Hard Bound and Electronic)

Chairman of District Publications/Contests
Leigh Chagnon

Rules governing the 2017-2018 K-T District Memory Book Contest: (both digital and hard bound formats)


All Digital Memory Books (CD'S) should be formatted using power point.  They should follow the same criteria as the hard bound memory books in tabbing each category.  This way it will be easy to follow when being judged.

The purpose of this contest seeks to encourage all Kiwanis Clubs to keep a Memory Book to preserve a permanent record of club activities.  First and Second Place will be awarded in each of the following groups of clubs for both formats. (Clubs 40 or less / Clubs 41 or more) for both formats.  Membership will be based on Kiwanis International figures as of Oct 10, 2017 for both formats.


The following criteria must be included:

A.  Official Club Name, City and State, Kiwanis District & Division, List of Officers and Directors

B.  Summary of your clubs activities in pictures with captions

C.  Pictures of Kiwanians working in club service projects along with a narrative about project and Kiwanis involvement

D.  Pictures of Kiwanians working in club fund raising projects along with a narrative about the project and Kiwanis involvement

E.  Newspaper clippings, newspaper pictures and other publicity of club activities

F.  Pictures and narratives of Kiwanis involvement with K-Kids, Builders, Key and Circle K Clubs

G.  Pictures and narratives of assisting new clubs building - includes SLP programs

H.  Pictures and narratives of club rebuilding efforts - includes SLP programs

I.  Pictures and narrative of all convention and conferences attended (International, District and Mid-Year and Div Council Meetings)

Please tab Memory Book in the above alphabetical order to facilitate judging


 Judging of the best overall memory book must have all the above criteria and will be judged on the following point system:

                                                                                  Maximum Points
A.   Club information contents                                             5

B.   Local initiative in pictures with captions                  15

C.   Newspaper clipping and photographs                     10

D.   All service projects                                                           15

E.   Fund-raising projects                                                       15

F.   Kiwanis involvement with sponsored youth            15  
G.   Kiwanis involvement with new club building            5

H.   Kiwanis involvement with club rebuilding efforts   10

I.   Convention attendance and activity
     (International, Mid-Year and Div Council Meeting)   10


Entries shall be brought to the room being used as the District Office and placed on the table designated for memory books at the 2018 District Convention by 9:00 PM Friday.  Awards for memory books will be made at the 2018 Kentucky-Tennessee District Convention.